3. upknorth:

    proper fall setup 

    jacket | bag | axe | beer vessel 

    up knörth x grantharder

    (via lumberjackproductions)

  4. beartreadway:

    canada22 on Flickr.

    Moose in Yukon.

    (via lumberjackproductions)

  6. I should be navigating some squalls #zissou

  7. cabinporn:

    Prefab cabin design by CalPoly Pomona students for use in California state parks.

    Photography by Paul Vu.

  8. cabinporn:

    Rustic river shack in Lychen, Germany.

    Contributed by Jessica Prescott.

  9. Steak. Asparagus. Salt. Grilled. Delicious. #indyfood #indylunch #meat #asparagus

  10. cabinporn:

    House of 14 Facades by M-Architecture in Ragnies, Belgium.

    Photography by bepictures.